How to Take Screenshots on Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Snapchat is one of the most famous photo-sharing and messaging apps in the world. It has more than 300 million daily active users worldwide. According to Statista, this social app scored 72 out of 100 points on a user satisfaction scale. Its ranking was ahead of Facebook and Twitter but behind eternal rival Instagram.

Snapchat is quite popular among the young generation due to its message disappearing feature. The messages you receive on your Snapchat will automatically disappear after viewed by the receiver. This is a very appealing feature for those who have some serious privacy concerns. Unfortunately, cheaters also take full benefit of this feature.

For example, if your cheating spouse uses this app for chatting, it’s impossible to read his/ her messages in their absence. Because messages disappear after a few seconds when receivers view them.  Then, what’s the solution? The only way to collect some proof against him/ her is to take screenshots of the messages when they appear. But how to take a Snapchat screenshot without them knowing?

This article helps you in this regard. We have enlisted some useful apps with the complete procedure of taking a Snapchat screenshot. Let’s start from the good apps to the best…

Top 5 Apps for Taking Screenshots on Snapchat

5. Spyera

Spyera is the most powerful and undetectable monitoring software for Android and iPhone users. It is a complete spying app that comes with more than 25 amazing spying features. This app gives you full control of the target Snapchat account. You can read sent and received messages and stickers on Snapchat.

This app also allows you to take screenshots of any active apps using its Snapshot feature. In addition to this, you can check call logs, Wi-Fi history, and browser history. Further, you can record calls and read text messages from all major instant messaging apps. Here are some pros and cons of this app:


  • This app is compatible will Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems.
  • Multiple pricing plans are available so you can choose any of them according to your need.
  • You can read all Snapchat messages so taking a Screenshot is a bonus feature.


  • It is a pretty expensive app much more than the average price of spying apps.
  • The user interface is not up to the mark.
  • It has a bit complicated installation process.


How to take a Snapchat screenshot without them knowing? XNSPY answers this question. For reading the messages of all social apps including Snapchat, it can be the finest option for you. This app allows you to track all kinds of Snapchat activities of your spouses and kids.

After buying a copy of this app, it will upload all Snapchat data to a remote site. You can access that data using your XNSPY account. In the left menu of the dashboard, you will find the complete list of features including Snapchat. Click the link to read the text messages. For taking a screenshot, you can use the Screenshot feature.


  • This app works offline in the background.
  • You can purchase it at an affordable price.
  • It has an appealing user interface.


  • You can only monitor one device using one license.
  • It doesn’t maintain a backup for you so retrieval of data is impossible.

3. The Truth Spy

It is another popular app that allows you to keep an eye on all Snapchat activities. The working methodology of this app is almost similar to other spying apps. You can check all the internet activities and check multimedia files using this app.

In addition to this, you can monitor real-time location, call logs, and text messages of the user. This app also allows you to set alerts for the particular actions or keywords of your spouse. For example, you can set alerts for the “Love” keyword. So whenever your spouse types this word in the chat, this app will notify you!


  • This app is compatible with multiple operating systems.
  • You can set alerts on different keywords and actions in this app.
  • This app allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls.


  • The Truth Spy doesn’t contain advanced monitoring features like JJSPY.
  • You can’t export chats and calls into your system.

2. Phone Spy

This is another useful app available to take screenshots on Snapchat. Further, you can also use this app for Snapchat screenshot hacking. Snapshot is the most common way to save one’s memories. So you can also view those saved screenshots on your spouse’s mobile phone.

In addition, you can capture photos of the surroundings of the target using this app. Further, you can check the complete history of the browser, Wi-Fi, and location. You can monitor all activities on a well-managed dashboard.


  • It has a unique stealth camera feature.
  • The Phone Spy can monitor almost all social apps including Snapchat.
  • iPhone and Android users can use it for Snapchat screenshot hacking.


  • The user interface of the app looks old and dull.
  • Its price is higher than other spying apps.

1. JJSPY App – The Recommended App to take Screenshot on Snapchat

The JJSPY is a fully-featured spying app that comes with more than 25 features. It falls in the category of one of the world’s most popular Snapchat screenshot apps. You can read the entire conversation on Snapchat using this app in real-time.

Further, you can also access the saved screenshots of Snapchat in the gallery using this app. The JJSPY app allows you to listen to live conversations and watch live activities by turning on the microphone and cameras respectively. Plus, you can access real-time location, Browser, and Wi-Fi history as well.

How to Take a Snapchat Screenshot Without Them Knowing Using JJSPY?

The process of taking a screenshot on Snapchat is very simple. Follow the steps below to take screenshots:

  • Visit the official site of JJSPY and purchase the app.
  • Once you purchase this app, you will receive the complete installation instructions via email.
  • Follow the instructions and install the app on the target phone.
  • The app will start uploading data instantly to a remote site if the internet is available.
  • Login to your JJSPY account. Then, you will see a well-managed user interface.
  • The left menu contains a Text Message option. You can see a list of all conversation threads by clicking that option.
  • Check for the Snapchat app and read the entire conversation by clicking on that.
  • You can also read conversations by clicking on the App Messaging feature.
  • For taking screenshots of the conversation, use the Snapshot feature in the left menu of the dashboard.
  • You can also see saved snapshots in the gallery using this app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long spying apps take time to install?

Usually, the size of spying apps is less than 5 MBs. So downloading and installing processes don’t take much time. In most cases, the installation process takes a few seconds to complete. This process also depends on the speed of the internet. If the internet speed is too low, it can take up to 1 or 2 minutes.

Does JJSPY work Offline?

Yes, JJSPY does work offline in the background. But it needs the internet to upload the monitored data on a remote site. When a user connects his cellphone to the internet, JJSPY will start uploading data on the site. So you can log in to your JJSPY account to access that data including the screenshots of Snapchat.

Is there any free app available to take a Snapchat screenshot remotely?

Although it’s not impossible, you most possibly won’t find any free app to take a Snapchat screenshot remotely. We suggest you not use the free app in case if you find that. Why? Because you can’t achieve the tasks that you want to achieve using free apps. Further, they contain malware and can steal your precious data. So always be careful when using free apps.

What to consider before purchasing any spying app?

Purchase an app that contains those features you are looking for. It means that look for the quality of your desired features first and then go with extra features. Then, look at some other quality parameters such as user interface, ease of use, and customer support, etc. The last and the deciding factor is the price before purchasing any spy app.

Why choose JJSPY among all apps?

The JJSPY app stands out among all spying apps due to its exclusive features and affordable price. Its user interface is extraordinary. Further, customer support is matchless so you can contact the team of JJSPY 24/7 for any kind of help.

Wrapping Up

Taking a Snapchat screenshot is very essential to monitor the activity of your spouse and children, especially, teenagers. There are plenty of apps available on the internet for this purpose. Selecting the most appropriate apps to become a herculean task for new users.

We have enlisted the top 5 apps that help you to take a Snapchat screenshot secretly. Further, we have also elaborated their working process with detail for your ease. The demo of all the apps is available on their official site. For your contentment, you should watch the demo. After 100% satisfaction, buy an app and start taking Snapchat screenshots!

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