How to Spy on Someone through Their Phone Camera?

Blaming your spouse or girlfriend without any evidence is not good behavior of a sensible person. These suspicions can be a cause of your restlessness. Your agitation won’t come to ease unless you expose the truth.

However, cheaters leave no stone unturned to hide their extramarital affairs from you. So it is very difficult to keep an eye on their activities all the time. Further, trying to regularly access their phone to check their data can also lead you to trouble. Then, how to reveal the truth by exposing them?

Accessing their phone camera remotely is one of the best and the safest ways to know their activities. After hacking their cameras, you can check anything with whom they are talking with spending their entire days.

You may be thinking that the idea is fabulous but is it possible to hack someone’s phone camera? The good news for you is that it’s possible! There are plenty of useful spy apps on the market that gives you access to someone’s cellphone. So you can hack anyone’s cellphone without even writing a single line of code.

Let’s take an overview of how to spy on someone through their phone cameras…

How to Spy on Someone Through Their Phone Cameras?

Here are the top 10 incredible apps to hack someone phone cameras without them knowing:

1. JJSPY – A Prodigious App to Hack Phone Cameras

It is a magnificent app to expose the cheaters. If one of your beloved-one is playing double-game with you, JJSPY helps you to end that game. It contains more than 25 sensational features to monitor someone’s activities remotely.

The JJSPY app comes with the Live Cameras Streaming feature. This magic feature helps you to watch the real-time activities of the user remotely. For evidence, you can also capture images as well. In addition to this, you can listen to the recorded calls and complete call status i.e. incoming and outgoing calls.

How to Use Spy on Someone Through Their Phone Camera Using JJSPY?

The spying mechanism of this app is very simple and straightforward. Follow the instructions below to spy on someone:

  • Visit the official site of JJSPY and purchase a subscription plan.
  • You will receive the installation instructions via email to install the app.
  • Follow the instructions to install the app.
  • Within a few hours, the app will upload the entire data on a remote site if the device has an active connection with the internet.
  • Login to your JJSPY account and the system will redirect you to a dashboard.
  • In the left menu, you will see all JJSPY features including the Live Cameras Stream feature.
  • Click on the link to activate cameras and spy on the activities of the target person.

2. SpyEra

Hacking cameras of someone to reveal the truth is not a big deal for SpyEra. Because you can use this app to spy on Android, iPhone, and Windows smartphones. It comes with more than 20 spying features to read the messages of different messaging apps.


  • This app offers a 10-day money-back guarantee.
  • You will get free updates and remote upgrades after purchasing this app.


  • You won’t find advanced features in this app like JJSPY.
  • The color-combination of the layout is not appealing.

3. iKeyMonitor

Do you want to catch a cheater red-handed by hacking their phone camera? This fantastic app helps you in this regard. It is simple but the most effective way to catch a cheater red-handed. Buy this app and start spying on someone through their phone cameras.


  • The layout of iKeyMonitor is self-explanatory.
  • The customer support is admirable.


  • It doesn’t have any filter option to filter text messages.
  • You can’t watch the real-time activities of the users.

4. mSpy

Hacking someone’s phone cameras is not that difficult for mSpy. It doesn’t only allow you to monitor activities using cameras but also reading text messages and listening to the calls. You can also take pictures using this app when necessary.


  • It is an ideal solution to catch someone cheating through their phone cameras.
  • You can hack almost all instant messaging apps.


  • You can’t search messages or browser history using a keyword.
  • This app doesn’t maintain a backup of data so data restoring is not possible.

5. Hoverwatch

Are you anxious about the activities of your spouse? No need to panic at all. This fantabulous app is here to help you! You can keep an eye on the target person’s activities through their phone camera using this app. It allows you to read text messages, listen to calls, check the history of the browser, Wi-Fi, and location.


  • It maintains the backup of deleted texts.
  • You can access the already captured images and videos in the gallery.


  • It doesn’t have cutting-edge features as JJSPY has.
  • This is quite an expensive app.

6. FlexiSpy

Picking up the phone of your spouse to check their activities is not free from risk. In this tensive situation, this app is a great solution. You can use this app to spy on someone through their phone camera. It works in invisible mode so no one can detect its working.


  • It has good ratings.
  • You can ask for help online whenever you want.


  • It’s pretty expensive based on its offered features.
  • You won’t have any money-back guarantee.

7. OneSpy

It is another one of the finest options to spy on someone through their phone cameras. You will get more than 15 top-notch spying features in this single app. So it is an all-in-app to monitor someone’s activities through their phone cameras, reading text messages, and listening to calls.


  • No need to jailbreak or root the device for its smooth working.
  • You can watch the live demo before purchasing it.


  • It has different compatibility problems with some devices.
  • Lack of advanced features like Live Screen Streaming.

8. Spymaster Pro

No one can bear up a cheater, especially, if they are your spouse. Knowing the truth in such a situation becomes vital for you. And, this superb app reveals the truth to you. It is an optimal choice to hack someone’s phone cameras.


  • It contains more than 20 simple and advanced spying features.
  • You can take photos and see images and videos in the gallery.


  • The installation process is not clear.
  • The loading time of the website is longer than other apps.

9. TTS

It is another fantastic app to spy on someone through their phone camera. This app is a dreamy app for those who want to expose double-faced people. You can expose the cheater by hacking their phone cameras, reading text messages, and listening to their recorded calls.


  • The layout of this app is exemplary.
  • iPhone users can use it without rooting or jailbreaking their device.


  • You can’t read or retrieve the deleted texts using this app.
  • It doesn’t allow you to track all instant messaging apps.

10. BlurSpy

Although this app is the last entry on our list, it is much better than many others. It is a new app but leaves behind many old apps. This app helps you to achieve your desired task by hacking phone cameras to monitor someone’s activities.


  • Its layout is amazing with the incredible font style.
  • You receive instant alerts via SMS and Email for a specific activity.


  • The website takes a bit longer time for loading properly.
  • You can’t find the pricing plan on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is it possible to spy on someone through their phone camera?

Yes, it is possible to spy on someone through their phone cameras. All the above-mentioned apps allow you to turn the front or rear cameras on to monitor someone’s real-time activities.

How to spy on someone through their phone camera for free?

You can find many free apps claiming to spy on someone’s phone camera on the internet. They are all useless and a waste of time. Even some apps inject spyware into your cellphone to steal your data. So it’s better not to go with free apps.

What is the best spy camera app?

All the above-mentioned apps are good. However, we suggest you give a try JJSPY. No app even gives it a close competition based on the feature set. Above all, it is not that expensive so everyone can afford it.

Can I remotely capture pictures after hacking cameras?

Yes, the JJSPY app allows you to capture pictures after hacking cameras. You can watch the live activities of a user using front and rear cameras. As evidence, you can take pictures as well.

What features make JJSPY stand out among all spying apps?

JJSPY contains some exclusive features that make it stand out among all tracking apps. For example, it allows you to live stream the screen of a target phone. In the case of video calls, you can see a person talking to your spouse. You can also take a screenshot of the active screen as proof.

Wrapping Up

We have enlisted the top 10 apps to spy on someone through their phone cameras. All these apps are 100% working and give you your desired results. These apps vary from each other based on their feature set, quality features, price, and layout. So you can choose an app according to your requirement and budget.

But you must buy these apps for positive use. Spying someone for blackmailing is illegal and unethical as well. Blackmailing someone is a punishable crime in all countries. So be careful and prove yourself as a sensible citizen!

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