How to Install Keylogger Remotely on Android

Finding a reliable keyword is a tedious job because there are plenty of keyloggers available in the market. Further, keylogger remote installation is another mystery for many of you. Today’s keyloggers vary based on their feature set, price, usability, and installation process. So choosing the best of the best tool that meets your requirement is a difficult job.

We have made your journey very simple by covering all aspects of this incredible tool in just one article. This article is not only a complete keylogger installation guide but also suggests you top keylogger software for your ease. Some of you might not familiar with this tool. Therefore, let’s begin with a brief introduction of this software and how you can use it…

A Brief Overview of a Keylogger

A keylogger is a piece of software that tracks every keystroke and saves them for retrieval. It’s purely a hacking tool to capture logins, social security numbers, passwords, etc. Keyloggers fall into two major categories i.e. software-based keylogger and hardware-based keylogger.

Software-based keylogger is the most common type of keylogger.  Hackers or other third persons use this software to monitor someone’s activity on a cellphone or computer. On the other hand, giant companies with a huge base of employees use hardware keyloggers to monitor their employees.

Both types of keyloggers are pretty difficult to detect by a new system user. Software keyloggers work in stealth mode i.e. hidden mode so no one can detect their working. Even the expert system users can’t detect the working of modern keyloggers. In this keylogger installation guide, we will only focus on the software keylogger.

Why You Need a Keylogger?

After knowing the functionality of a keylogger, you have already got an idea of where you can use this tool. Today you can’t keep your cellphones away from the reach of your kids. They spend their entire day browsing different sites, playing different games, etc.

It is the responsibility of the parents to know about their activities to keep them safe from online hazards. Using a keylogger, you can capture all the pressed keys from the keyboard. This keystroke data helps you to know who they communicate with and what they search online.

Similarly, if you are suspicious about the activities of your spouse, you can use this tool to know the truth. This tool can monitor your employees if you have suspicions that they may be leaking confidential information to rivals. In simple words, this tool is an astounding tool to keep an eye on your spouse, children, employees, etc.

What Features Does a Good Keylogger Software Has?

It can be very confusing to find a suitable keylogger among so many. What to consider before buying a keylogger? You should consider the below points for making the right decision.

1. Robust Keystroke Recording Feature

Todays’ keyloggers come with many more features than tracking only keystrokes. However, the primary purpose of a keylogger is to record all pressed keys on the keyboard. So you must make sure that the tool is recording the correct keystrokes. Plus, the tool should upload all recorded information instantly so you can view that remotely. Some tools help you to take screenshots of the active screen. Further, some tools allow you to take photos of the users using a font camera. These additional features can be some other plus point for making the right decision.

2. Undetectable

Your secrecy is the most crucial thing when monitoring others without knowing them. You should choose a keylogger that works in a complete hidden mode or stealth mode. Keylogger with stealth mode is very essential to monitor your employees, children, and spouses. Undetectable keylogger should be your first choice.

3. Easy to Install

We will talk about how to install a keylogger remotely on Android in the upcoming section. However, it’s important to know that the installation process of these tools can vary from one tool to another. For the majority of the tools, you need to access the tool at least once physically to install the app.

If the installation process is difficult or complicated, you will be in trouble during the installation process. This process can take a lot of time that can be very risky. These tools should take no more than a few seconds to install. Therefore, before purchasing an app, ensure that the installation process is very easy and not time-consuming.

4. Ease of Use

It is another major aspect you should look into when buying this tool. Ease of use is one of the best qualities of keylogger tools. Its usage should be very simple so that a person with no technical skill can use it. Their layout should be intuitive or self-explanatory.

5. Size of Keylogger

The size of the keylogger does matter in its performance. A keylogger with a small file size runs smoothly without slowing down the target system. If the file size is heavy, it will slow down the target system and make the user suspicious.

Plus, a keylogger with a small size also speeds up the installation process because its downloading takes a few seconds. The heavy file can take a long time and make the installation process lengthy. Therefore, you should always choose a keylogger with a small size.

6. Pricing

Pricing is always a deciding factor when you buy or sell anything. The same is true in the case of this tool. Almost all keyloggers come with the same feature set. But there is a huge difference in their prices. Before, purchasing any tool, compare the price of different tools and their feature sets.

If the feature set of any tool attracts you more and available at an affordable price, go with that. You should spend a few extra bucks to purchase this software with the amazing feature set. If a tool is too good, but it’s too costly, don’t go with that. Always choose a budget-friendly tool. But also never compromise on the quality of the products. Here are the two most popular spying apps with a keylogger:

1. JJSPY – The Best Keylogger for Android

Although the JJSPY app is a complete spying app, it comes with a robust keylogger. It keeps the record of all keystrokes and uploads them on a remote site. By logging into your JJSPY account, you can check this entire recorded data.

Apart from keylogger, this app provides plenty of other useful spying or hacking features. For example, you can turn the front and rear cameras on to watch the real-time activities of the user. Further, it allows you to live stream the screen of the targeted phone. You can watch live what’s going on the screen. Live Microphones, call recording, messages reading, and checking browser and Wi-Fi history are some other popular features.

Above all, you can install a keylogger secretly. No app can track its working. You can install this app in no time. Before we talk about how to install a keylogger remotely on Android, let’s talk about another useful keylogger.

2. Hoverwatch

It is another useful keylogger for Android users. This is also a complete spying app that comes with many astounding features. You can track all the activities of your targeted person using this app. For example, it comes with a precise GPS location tracking system. You can check call logs, read messages from all instant messaging apps, and check everything in the gallery.

How to Install Keylogger on Android?

Now we have shortlisted the two best keyloggers for your ease. You can choose any of the two to monitor your kid’s or spouse’s activities.

Is it possible to monitor someone’s cellphone using a keylogger without installation? Not at all! You can’t monitor any smartphone using a keylogger without installation. You will have to install software either physically or remotely.

In this section of the keylogger installation guide, we will teach you Android keylogger installation physically. However, you will have to access the device physically for a few minutes only. Follow the steps below to install the keylogger with JJSPY:

  • Visit the official site of JJSPY and choose any of the pricing plans to buy a copy of this software.
  • After buying this tool, the JJSPY team will send you installation instructions via email.
  • Follow the instructions to install the app.
  • The installation process will not take more than a few seconds.
  • The app will start uploading all data including keystrokes to a remote site.
  • Login to your JJSPY account to get access to that data!

How to Install Keylogger Remotely on Android?

Although accessing the device physically is not a big deal if the device belongs to your kid or spouse. If you want to install these spying apps on a remote device, remote installation is almost impossible. You can still try a hit and trial method to install these apps.

Follow the steps below to install an app remotely:

  • Login to your JJSPY account and create a unique installation link.
  • Send that link to your target person via email or private chat. Convince him somehow to click on that link. It totally depends on your communication skills.
  • Don’t make that link too suspicious so that the target person could click on it.
  • As soon as, he clicks on the link, the installation will start automatically.
  • After successful installation, you can open the app’s control panel to watch the entire activity.

Wrapping Up

Everyone has many reasons to use this tool. Keylogger is a great tool to protect your family and remove your doubts about your spouses. You should compare the price and features of different tools when purchasing a keylogger. Try to make the right decision as much as possible. The right decision will give you peace of mind!

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