4 Best Spy Screen Recorder Apps for Android Phone

With the growing influence of the internet on young children, parents were growing worried with each passing day. But with the invention of the secret screen recorder software, parents can now track and monitor the activities of their kids on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

A secret screen recorder, as the name hints, is a concealed recording app that allows users to track the details of activities of a targeted device. It provides feedback in form of screenshots and video proof of any activity that might not be appropriate. Most spy screen recorders are designed to be used by parents so that they can know everything that their children are doing. This invention is a welcome change for parents who have to deal with modern children who are way smarter than them when it comes to matters to do with contemporary technology. We all know the internet can be an awful place for young children, especially in the era where disinformation and harmful content is just one click away.

What is a screen recording app?

A screen recording app is a software designed to help parents keep their children safe online. It can be installed on the target phone, tablet, or computer and gain access to the parent section and navigate its dashboard and features such as screenshots, call recordings, screen recording app, IM’s logs, keystrokes logging, location, browsing activities email tracking, read messages, and a plethora of other great features.

Most screen recording apps have user-friendly interfaces and will upload the information you need to your online portal. Additionally, the support system is usually superb in case you are facing any technical issue.

Spy screen recorder can also allow you to record back-to-back videos of the screen of the targeted device and upload them to an online portal.


The majority of spy screen recorder apps are designed to function on the two of the largest operating systems – iOS and Android – while some are created to work on either of the two operating systems.

For efficiency, you should get an app that is compatible with all devices running with either iOS or Android. This should include smartphones, iPhones, and tablets as well as personal computers.

Why get a spy screen recorder

The available parental apps have not been as effective as they should be. Most of these apps cannot provide concrete proof of an incident, despite the fact that the incident occurred. According to recent research, over 77 percent of students felt that they have been bullied in their lifetime and 44 percent believe that bullying occurs in the last 30 days in 2020. This startling statistic is driven by the rise of social media platforms on young people’s screens, which has opened the floodgates of inline bullying targeting young teens.

Despite the tons of parental apps currently in the market, it has still been difficult to prove some of these heinous acts. The screenshots taken by these apps do not provide enough evidence and also there have many claims and instances of screenshots being comprised or edited.

But with a screen recorder app, it is hard to dispute the evidence because it is hard to manipulate and edit videos and screenshots. The app can record all logs including internet, calls, SMS’s and internet history.

In addition, you can also use a spy screen recorder app to check your employees’ performance during their daily activities. If you are a business owner, using a secrete screen recorder is not spying on your employees but it is a way of checking if your staff is spending most of their time on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Also, capturing the screen recording of your employees will provide you with great insight into their daily performance.

For instance, you will get to know how your employees answer customer queries, what kinds of tools they are using throughout the day, and if they are making the most of the new tools and technologies you recently purchased. Screen records will also offer you a clear picture of the progress in the office and allow you to make important decisions.

What to look for in a spy screen recorder

In most cases, it will come down to what your needs are when it comes to factors to consider when shopping for a spy screen recorder, but generally speaking, here are some of the must-have features any secret screen recorder should have.

List of web pages the targeted device visited

A great spy screen recorder should be able to provide the history of all internet activity of the targeted device. This includes a list of web pages the device has visited. The browsing history is then uploaded to the parent’s dashboard in an inline portal and can also include information such as the amount of time the child has spent on the website and the content of the website.

Live screen recordings

Another important feature any secret screen recorder should have is live screen recording. While you can remotely access the dashboard of the app, it should also allow you to initiate mobile screen recording, which allows you to record short, back-to-back videos of the target device’s screen and upload them to the web portal. This feature will enable you to also do SMS screen recording, email recording, social media screen recording, browser screen recording, and many other things. You can then visit your online portal and watch all the uploaded videos of your child’s device screen to get insight into their online activities.

IM’s logs

With this feature, you can get access to your child’s device through an online portal and then learn about the activity logs of all the installed social media platforms. You can access logs of real-time messengers on the device in terms of audio, chat conversations, video voice chat, text messages, photos shared, videos shared as well as voice messages.

Phone call recording

One of the most essential features of a secret screen recorder is the ability to record phone calls made through the targeted device. Some spy screen recorders can record both audio and video calls of the cell phone.

The software lets you record both incoming and outgoing phone calls, which are then send to the web portal.

Text messages

 In addition to recording calls, the app should also be able to monitor text messages sent and received, MMS, and any other type of chat done through the targeted phone or tablet.

GPS tracker

GPS tracker tracks the whereabouts of your child and their daily routine. With this feature, you can track all places your kid has been to.

How do you install a spy screen recorder?

If you want to do some little surveillance on your kid or someone’s cell phone device, you can find a spy screen app of your choice and subscribe. Most secret screen recording apps function on the basis of subscription and plans and so choose the plan that works best for you. The app will provide you with login details to an online dashboard.

From the online portal, you can start using the features of the app without having to physically install it on the targeted device.

Spy screen recorder apps FAQs

Q: Can I edit the screen recordings?

A: No you cannot edit any files gathered by a secret screen recorder. Why, because this can be used as evidence against the person whom you are spying, and by allowing you to edit the recordings, it will be similar to tampering with the evidence.

Q: Is it possible to record social media activities?

A: Indeed you can monitor and record the social media activities of your child. You can record activities on Facebook and other common social platforms in real-time.

Q: Can I record Chrome?

A: Many spy screen recorder apps will let you record all the browsing history and activities using screen capture features. These browsers include Chrome and Firefox, and additionally, you can also record app usage of platforms such as Snapchat, Skype, and WhatsApp.

Q: What do I need to start recording?

A: All you need is a spy screen recorder app and steady, uninterrupted, and fast internet. Also, your targeted device should be connected to the internet when you activate the screen recording command, or else it will not function properly.

Q: Is it legal to secretly record someone’s phone?

A: It is legal to install a secret screen recorder on your own phone, but it is not legal to monitor the activities of someone else’s phone. However, it is legal if this someone is your kid and you are doing so for their own benefit.

Q: Can I tell when my phone screen is being recorded?

A: The truth is, there is currently no way of knowing whether your phone screen is being recorded secretly. As a matter of fact, some of these popular apps we use are highly likely to be recording our screen and voices secretly and our personal information is being stolen.

Q: Can I uninstall the spy screen recorder without an icon?

A: In case you want to remove a hidden screen recorder from your phone, all you need to do is delete the connected registry keys and then eliminate them from the startup list. Remember to also unregister all the matching DLLs as well as delete all your personal settings.

4 Best Spy Screen Recorder Apps for Android

Below is the list of the 4 best spy screen recorder apps for android currently in the market.

  1. BluSPY

For quite some time now, BlurSPY has been one of the industry’s leading spy screen recorder apps. It is an efficient tool that offers potent services that make it easier to track and monitor the activities of android devices.

The app is easy to install and will enable you to anonymously monitor and unusual and harmful activities of your children while surfing the internet using android phones and tablets.

Moreover, this application also presents you with an opportunity to oversee your employees and make sure everything is running smoothly.


  • Most efficient Pro APK out there in the market
  • Provides instant alerts through text or email
  • Live screen recorder


  • No cons for this amazing app
  • TheOneSpy

One thing that makes this application stand out from the crowd is its compatibility for both iOS and Android operating systems. TheOneSpy does its job of tracking and monitoring incoming and outgoing calls and other conversations perfectly and secretly.

It allows for the recording of call logs as well as keeping track of both sides of the conversation. Additionally, it offers GPS tracking so that you can always know where your kid has been at.

Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it allows you to delete a number from a target phone if you feel it potentially can cause harm to your child.


  • Easy installation
  • Unobtrusive
  • Delete contacts on the targeted device


  • Supports Android and desktop only
  • iKeyMonitor

This secret screen recorder is compatible with both the Android and iOS operating systems. In the case of an iOS device, you will have to jailbreak the iPad or iPhone before capturing the screen remotely using this spy app. The secrete recorder can take screenshots of all activities of the target device in real-time as well as record internet activities.

One of its basic features is a contact tracker, which allows you to track and monitor all the contacts saved on the target phone or iPad, giving you peace of mind knowing what kind of people are getting into contact with your child.


  • Outstanding feature selection
  • Has free versions that still boasts great features
  • Excellent customer support


  • Requires rooting and jailbreaking
  • FlexiSPY

Compatible for both iOS and Android, FlexiSPY is a secret screen recorder for monitoring the activities of your child both online and offline.

This app is becoming more and more popular among parents and business owners thanks to its stealth mode of operation.

It will take and upload screenshots of all activities taking place on the target device.


  • Advanced features
  • Free and premium use
  • Good customer support


  • It is costly

Final words

The above spy screen recorder apps and among industry-leading in the market and will help you track the activities of your child online and offline. Some of the apps can also be sued by managers and business owners looking to monitor the activities of their employees.

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