How to spy on Android without installing Software?

Spying on android has been one of the most searched terms for people. People are always wondering how they can get information from other people. In simpler words, they want to spy on people without installing any software. This can be a bit difficult as there are few ways you can spy on android. Most of them will require software that you will have to install. We will be seeing all the ways you can hack an android phone without any tool or any third-party component.

Google My Activity

The first and the easiest way you can spy on android is by using Google My Activity. Google provides you with all the details that you can use. If the person opens any application, you can see it on Google. This is the easiest way using which you can spy on the person.

Google provides all these features by default inside the application. So, if the target person is using android, Google will already be installed on their phone. As a result, they don’t need to install any other third-party application. When they start using the android phone, Google will ask them to do the basic setup where they will have to log in to the Google account and complete the setup. In this way, they will have to permit Google.

Google will then store all the things that are done on their mobile. This is because the main OS they are using is Android. As Android is provided by Google, Google will store all the information.

You can easily see this information and kind of spy on android devices. The information is enough to know what the person is doing on their phone. If they open WhatsApp, you will come to know that they have opened WhatsApp. In this way, you will get te access to all the things they are doing. In simpler words, you can spy on any android device with the help of this.

Now that you are aware of the method and how it works. We will now see the tutorial and see how you can spy on android and get all the data with ease. We will see a complete step-by-step tutorial using which you can hack an android phone.

How to Spy with Google?

You surely might be looking for the steps using which you can spy on android. We will see the steps to hack the android and things you will require to carry out this tutorial.

First of all, you will need access to their Google account if you want to hack using this technique. As this is purely powered by Google, you will need access to your Google account if you want to hack the phone. Without getting access to the Gmail account, you won’t be able to do this.

Now, here are the steps to do the technique after you get the address and password.

  • You can simply log in to their Gmail or Google account from your desktop or mobile
  • Now, you can click on the 8 dots seen on the top. It’s usually near your profile icon seen on the right side.
  • When you click on it, it will display all the apps that are powered by Google or made by Google. You will see apps like YouTube, Gmail, etc.
  • You don’t need to see any other apps but you will have to click on the activity tab seen inside it.
  • The activity tab is where all the activities are seen.
  • When you click on the activity tab, you will see all the things in a message. This is the total spying data of the person.
  • If they have opened any application, you will see it. In the same way, if they are calling someone, you will see that they have called someone. This is the easiest way using which you can spy on android and get the data you want.

Please note that when you are trying to login into your Google account, Google will send a notification to the person. In this way, the person might be aware of the activities that you are carrying. In most cases, they will change the password as soon as they get the login notification. So, this is a bit of risk work where you will need to be very careful. There is no way you bypass the notification.

Safe Method

Now, we will talk about a safe method that is not what you are looking for. Let me give the spoiler ahead of the game. This is the place where you will have to install the software. But don’t worry, the software will be hidden and no one will ever come to know about the software you have installed.

In simpler words, when you install the software, it will stay for a while. After you configure the app and do all the setup you need to do to spy on the phone, the app will disappear from their mobile. Yes, you read it right. The app or the software will simply disappear from the mobile.

However, it will still work just like it is intended to. One might simply say that they can easily see the application using the settings option given on the android phone, right?

Well, that won’t be possible here. The app we are talking about comes with full security and privacy. Therefore, even I the user goes to the manage apps section which is in getting settings, they won’t see the name of the software, and neither they will notice that the spying software is installed.

Sounds interesting, right? The software we are going to use here is called the Phone monitoring tool. This is the tool using which you can get all the information you will need without letting the other person know about it. As the name says, it’s a tool that will monitor their entire phone.

Best Phone Monitoring tool

The next thing that you might be wondering is what is the best phone monitoring tool that you can use, right? Well, we suggest you go with JJSPY. There are many phone monitoring tools available that you can use. However, the best one you can go with is JJSPY. The reason we are suggesting you go with JJSPY is because of the awesome features they have and the next reason why we are suggesting you is because of the hidden or we can say the invisible mode.

Like we have mentioned before, it’s important to keep the secret that there is an app installed on the device. JJSPY can keep this secret with ease. You can install the app and it will run in invisible mode. This is why it has been the best choice for the people.


We will now see the features of the apps that will surely blow your mind.

  • You can easily see the live location of the mobile. By live location, we mean that you can see the exact location where they are at.
  • Further, there is a feature using which you can see the live stream. You can see the live stream of the screen here the entire screen will be displayed. You can see the live stream of the camera where you can easily turn on the front or back camera. Last but not least, you can also see the stream of the recording.
  • Talking about recording, JJSPY will record all the calls.
  • You can also see the call logs and contacts. It will give you complete information about it.
  • Now comes yet another interesting feature. You can see the details of the apps they are using. If they are using any social media apps or social communication apps, you can easily see it with ease. You can see the messages and see the entire conversation which they are doing.
  • Further, you can see the browsing history of the person

There are many other things where you can spy.

So, the question is how to do it?

How to Spy on Android with JJSPY?

The steps are easy to follow and anyone can simply follow them.

  • At first, you will have to create an account at JJSPY. You can simply head over to the official website and create one
  • thereafter, you will have to choose the android plan and continue
  • They will give you a link. You can open the link in the target device and install the app there
  • Configure the app using the JJSPY details which are given in your account
  • Wait for a while and all the data will appear on the website of JJSPY.
  • You can then start spying

Final Words

To conclude, these are the two ways using which you can spy on android. Although, the last one will require software installation. We would recommend you to go with it because it’s safe and this will make sure that you don’t get caught. You can also get a better spying feature in the last one. So, you can use JJSPY.

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