Top 10 Android Phone Spy App in the Market

If there is one word that terrifies smart users to the core, it is spying. Unfortunately, we are all vulnerable to spying one way or another. In this era of digital revolution and technologies, data is regarded as the new oil and as such, there is a fierce race to collect as much as possible before regulators step in and change the rules. While data mining on the internet is legal, it doesn’t make it right and many people will burst into flames running if they knew they are being spied on.

Do you need spy apps?

But not all spying is bad. For instance, you can use a spying app to supervise your kids and keep them safe from internet attacks or supervise your employees, not in a bad illegal way but to make sure they are being productive and enhance data security policies and protocols.

Basically, there is an array of legitimate reasons to use a spy app android. Another reason you tap into the powers of these apps is to track your lost items such as a phone.

Each spy app comes with unique features and design, and there are plenty of them out there in the market in case you are looking to install one into your phone or PC.

But not all spy apps are safe for you. Some are actually designed to spy on you while you are spying on others.

Definition of phone spy apps

When some talk about a spy app, they simply mean a surveillance application that can be installed in a smartphone or PC to help track another device owned by you or another person. In the case of phones, a surveillance app can help you monitor the device’s incoming and outgoing calls and SMS’s as well as its location instantaneously.

The person being spied on cannot suspect anything fishy because these applications are usually designed to go unnoticed and undetectable.

But before you decide to use a smartphone spy app, it is important to learn about the laws of your region. Some jurisdictions don’t allow the use of such like apps.

Things to consider before using spy applications

Known the current trends in the field

You need to be informed about the current trends in the spying industry before trying out the latest spy applications. Only the most recent apps will provide you with the covertness required to ensure that the end-user doesn’t discover they are being spied on.

Compatibility is essential

Don’t look only for Android-supported operated systems when shopping for spy apps there are plenty of apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android while others only function on either iOS or Android. But when it comes to compatibility, don’t just consider yourself. The compatibility will also determine how the application will track and monitor the targeted gadget.

Consider versatility

The term versatility in this context means the application that can perform multiple spy functions. For example, a great app will be able to track calls, SMS’s, videos, and locations at once without having to get into contact with the monitored device.

Luckily, the majority of modern spy apps are designed with versatility in mind and can allow you to manipulate the monitored device from your own device.

Maintain high levels of secrecy when it comes to login information

Before using a particular spy app, you may be required to create an account that you will use to track the device. While creating the user account, be sure to use a pseudo name and strong password. Also, make sure nobody knows that you are using a spy app.

Stay away from apps that require root or jailbreak

To jailbreak is to allow the owner of the phone to access the root of the device’s operating system and as well as its all features. Rooting on the other hand is the process of getting rid of restrictions on a mobile device running on the Android OS.

There are currently spy apps that function only after rooted or jailbreaking on the monitored device. But there are others that can function without jailbreaking thus you need to decide which methods you want.

But for the sake of efficiency, avoid apps that require jailbreaking because it will involve a complex and long process that is to jailbreak, and it is not guaranteed that they will successfully jailbreak. The most obvious flaw of spy apps that require jailbreaking is that it depends on someone leaving their mobile devices in the hands of someone else, something that is very rare even for spouses. Additionally, people are smart these days, and the owner of the phone can realize instantly that their device has been compromised.

Top 10 Android Phone Spy Apps in the Market

Below is a list of the top 10 Android phone spy apps you can buy today to perform a wide range of monitoring and spying.


Best for parental monitoring, JSPY is a powerful and real-time mobile phone tracker that is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. It doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting.

This software is designed for parents to keep their children safe from online dangers. The parental dashboard includes wide-ranging features that will guard your kids 24/7 and keep them away from any internet danger.

It is not just made for parents or for supervising kids. We all know how employee monitoring has become so important with the current pandemic. With JJSY, you can monitor (not spy) your employees as they work remotely.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile as it can track multiple information
  • Supported by Android and iOS


Nothing bad found


As with JJSPY, mSpy is also ideal for parental monitoring. It is a great spy app that is still new in the game. This software is primarily designed for parental monitoring and thus it lacks other features that some spy apps boast in the market.

Nevertheless, you can still use this app for other tasks and can perform basic functions such as mobile phone monitoring, multimedia file tracking, and location tracking. It however does not include features such as call recording and environmental recording, but you can use it for remotely monitoring.


  • Perfect for parental monitoring
  • One of the latest apps in the market
  • Affordable subscription


Basic app


This award-winning phone spy app will allow you to spy on both smartphones and PC. It comes with a myriad of cool features that enhance its functionality. The features are designed for motoring computer and phone activity of children or employees and track location remotely.

What makes this app stand out from its peers is its plethora of functions that are helpful when you want to control and monitor the activity of a targeted phone or computer. To top it all, the tools and undetectable and are supported by both iOS and Android operating systems.


  • Wide range of features
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Monitor online activities instantaneously




Also released recently, XNSPY is one of the most sought-after spy apps for people looking to remotely monitor cell phones. It is even considered by many as the top and most reliable spyware currently in the market.

Just like many other spyware applications, XNPSY was designed with parents in mind. It comes with more than 30 features for tracking incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as monitor messages in real-time, track the targeted device’s location, and so on.

Additionally, the developers of this app have recently introduced a couple of advanced features such as WhatsApp and Wi-Fi logs monitoring.


  • Highly effective
  • Monitors all online activities
  • Can access even Messenger chats


Too sophisticated for ordinary people


This easy-to-use spy app is designed for monitoring the activities of Windows, Mac, and iOS. It is quite easy to install and navigate its features and since it is cloud-based, it has all the features you would want in a phone spy app.

The app also works perfectly on stealth mode and the owner of the targeted device will not even notice that their calls, location, messages, and online activities are being monitored.


  • Works in stealth mode
  • Tracks GPS
  • Remote camera access


Nothing bad about it


Spyic is primarily a spy app for parents to monitor the phone activities of their kids both offline and online. It is one of the most efficient apps out there thanks to its top-of-the-line features. Though the said features are basic and intuitive, they are everything you need to check on your child and protect them from any internet hazard.


  • Easy for parents to use
  • Browse history
  • Location tracking


Don’t have enough features


Parents love this monitoring app and it has over a million users worldwide. But Spyier is not just for parents to monitor their children; it can also be used by employers and individuals in rock relationships.


  • Monitors call and messages
  • Tracks online activity
  • Works in stealth mode


Doesn’t have enough features


This app is best for tablet and phone activity monitoring. It is safe and intuitive and easy to install on the targeted device. It allows you to spy on not only smartphones and tablets but also computers through a web browser thus you don’t have to be physically in touch with the device you want to track.

Additionally, it doesn’t need rooting or jailbreaking a targeted device to get it installed, nor do you need technical skills to use the app.


  • No jailbreaking
  • Monitors social media


Nothing bad found


This app is great for parents and managers who want to monitor their children and employees. It is quite a breeze to install and makes the whole spying thing more interesting and easy. Unlike other spy apps, iSpyoo can track video calls on sites such as Skype and Viber and can track up to 3 different targets at once instantaneously.


  • Spy video calls
  • Monitors messages
  • Records calls


Expensive compared to other apps


SpyFone app features a panic mode, which lets you track your lost mobile phones as well as the reverse lookup feature that enables you to identify the owner of the mobile you are racking.


  • Works for both Android and iOS
  • Easy to install
  • Free


  • Not as advanced as other apps

Android Spy App FAQ

Q: Is phone spy app legal?

A: While it depends on where you live, the phone spy app is legal only if you are using it to track your kids, employees in the office, or your own phone. However, the line is crossed when you install a spy app on another person’s phone without their consent or knowledge and can lead to jail time and hefty fines. So if you are planning to install such apps on your phone, makes sure you use them for legitimate reasons. We also advise you to look up your state’s regulations when it comes to spying.

Q: Can I install a spy app on another smartphone without touching it physically?

A: You don’t have to physically touch the targeted device to install the spyware. All this can be done remotely. But in the end, it may come to the features of the app.

Q: How do I know if I’m being spied on?

A: It is easy to know if you are being spied on. Just watch out for suspiciously looking applications installed in your phone from places other than App Store or Play Store. To be on the safe side, you can install anti-virus software in your phone to detect and remove malware, spyware, or adware from your phone.

Q: Is jailbreak reversible?

A: Yes, the process of jailbreaking is completely reversible and once you have achieved your goals, the targeted device can be easily brought back to its initial state.

Q: Does jailbreak affect the targeted phone?

A: Jailbreaking and rooting can impact the security and functionality of the targeted phone. But in most cases, the targeted phone will be fine, but the rate of battery consumption can be compromised especially in iPhones.

Q: Can I spy on multiple devices at the same time?

A: It depends on the spyware you are using and the plan you chose. Every spy app comes with its unique features and pricing plan that will dictate how you use it. Some applications allow monitoring just a single device per subscription while others can let you monitor even 3 devices at a time. Perhaps look at the pricing model and what you get from each plan before purchasing a spy app.

Q: How do I access the data collected from the targeted device?

A: Once the spy is completed or every time information is fetched from the targeted phone, you can access it on the control panel of the spyware.

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